Experts in LED lighting at Visible Lighting have welcomed news that Glasgow City Council have decided to replace their existing street lighting with LED alternatives. According to Business Green, the council has become the first to use a new loan scheme from the Green Investment Bank (GIB), using the funds to make the switch to energy efficient lighting. It is expected that the city will replace 70,000 of its current street lights with LED street lights in an attempt to reduce energy consumption, light pollution, and costs.

There are a reported 7 million street lights installed in the UK, costing over £300 million each year for electricity alone. Producing over 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and accounting for 40% of authorities’ energy use, LED street lights offer a more cost-effective, energy efficient alternative. The Green Investment Bank reports that the cost of switching to low energy streetlights can be made up between 5 and 15 years, while councils could see their electricity bills reduced by as much as 80%.

As experts in LED lighting, the team at Visible Lighting welcomed news that street lights in Glasgow will be replaced by LED alternatives and a representative for the company shared their thoughts:

It’s welcome news that Glasgow City Council have decided to install energy efficient street lighting. News of countries around the world installing these lights have been common in recent months, with many towns in the UK and further afield such as New York and LA adopting the new lighting. Aside from the significant energy savings these lights can bring, there are also a host of benefits for councils. Not only can the clear, concentrated beam of light help to minimise light pollution and make the streets safer for residents, but maintenance costs can also be reduced. We look forward to seeing the installation of LED streetlights in Glasgow and following news of further locations switching to energy efficient street lighting.”

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