Oakland Group, a UK energy efficient solutions company discusses some of the best AC units available and how air conditioning can improve your business environment

For any company, choosing the right air conditioning system can be a tricky affair. With so many options available from a wide range of manufacturers, how can you know what equipment will best suit the needs of your business? Furthermore, what benefits does an up-to-date system bring to your building?

So why do you need air conditioning?

The main reason for any company to introduce an updated AC system is that it will help to ensure that the temperature and conditions within your building are kept consistent for staff and visitors in the most energy efficient way.

Air conditioning (also known as Heat Pumps) can assist in maintaining any products, materials or equipment kept on site. For example, if you are a local green grocer, keeping a cool interior temperature will help to maintain your stock.

Choosing the Right Unit

If your company operates from small premises, it’s more than likely that you will only need to fit a few rooms with wall-mounted or ceiling cassette AC/Heat Pump units. These ensure that conditioned heated or cooled air can circulate throughout your work space at all times.

The top manufacturers to watch out for are Mitsubishi, Daiklin and Hitachi.

Take a look at the two example products below to see which ones might be best matched to meet the needs of your business. 

Wall Mounted

The easy-to-use LG S09AHP comes complete with a neo plasma air purifying system, wireless controller and self-cleaning capabilities that make it easier for you to maintain.

Ceiling & Floor

LG’s UV12 air conditioner is adaptable for various fitting options around your office and can be fixed at either floor level or left suspended from the ceiling for optimal air flow.

The UV12 comes with simple, wireless controls, an auto clean function and advanced filtration system to convert the intake of warm air into fresh, cool, clean and crisp air for your building.

The Benefits of Small Air Conditioners

By opting for smaller-scale products your business will experience a wealth of benefits.

Oakland up-to-date AC/Heat Pump variations today provide cool, crisp and additionally cheap hot air at low operating costs. This is particularly useful for customers who are somewhat undecided or reluctant to purchase products at very high capital price; the day-to-day savings made on the running costs for newer models will often pay back any initial investment made, inside a quick turnaround. 

On top of low operating costs, modern equipment works using less power and is designed with energy saving features to help reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Over door, wall-mounted or ceiling/floor mounted systems are very easy to use and maintain. With just a remote control, your staff can control the output; temperature and level of air flow within your building, as well as optimise your device so that it knows which areas require more or less air conditioning or heating.

The types of sectors and enterprises that will benefit the most from interior air conditioning are: 

•          General office environments

•          Solicitors and accountancy practices

•          Retail stores

•          Doctors surgeries and dental practices

•          Manufacturing facilities

•          Lecture theatres and school classrooms

Interior Heating

Whilst providing a consistent source of cool air is vital for the levels of comfort in your office, it is also important that your building is prepared for the colder months.

Mitsubishi Electric offer one of the world’s leading, environmentally-friendly and energy efficient heating products with its series of Ecodan heat pumps. The system offers users a reliable source of interior heating so that your office has access to hot water and warm air all year round, no matter what the conditions.

With expert maintenance, the Ecodan is pegged to have an average lifespan of around 15-20 years, which, in contrast to the cost of an upfront purchase will save customers an incredible amount on heating compared to conventional systems.

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