Magnatech is saving major energy users across a range of industries millions year on year with its fuel conditioning systems – designed not only to cut costs and carbon emissions, but to maximise heating system efficiency.

Independently verified by the Tritech ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) Project, Magnatech’s magnetic technology reduces fuel consumption on existing systems by at least six percent, with typical results indicating savings of around ten percent.

Magnatech systems use the most powerful neodymium magnets available to effectively enhance the combustion process, and are simply fitted to the outside of fuel feed lines in a particular pattern to create a rise in flame temperature. This allows the system to reach the desired temperature sooner and as a result, reduces overall fuel consumption.

Magnatech managing director Ian Gander, commented, “With typical payback periods of less than 12 months, no running or maintenance costs and a lifetime of savings, fuel conditioning is quickly becoming a popular, long term solution amongst major energy users, looking for immediate and considerable savings. What’s more, it is completely non-obtrusive to fit, with no pipes to cut or costly production down-time required.”

Magnatech provides free site inspections, delivering bespoke insight into the most efficient type and sequence of magnets to suit individual needs. It also offers trials for those looking to gauge actual results, and a 100% money back guarantee for anyone who is not completely satisfied with the outcome.


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