In Byworth Boilers’ Keighley factory, the company, which has been producing boilers since 1968, combines the latest manufacturing techniques with time honoured boiler making skills to ensure quality control

Byworth Boilers provide a complete boiler solution to meet the individual requirements of its customers – whether it be the design through to installation of custom built plant for purchase or lease, long or short term hire, servicing, repairs, replacement parts and operator training.

In its quest for improved efficiency, Byworth now incorporates a number of innovations such as X-ID tubes into its boilers. These tubes increase the heat transfer by over 80%. X-ID tubing is suitable for gas and oil fired boilers, including those on heavy fuel oil.

Economisers also play an important part in energy saving and over 50% of all the company’s Yorkshireman boilers are now built with internal economisers suitable for gas and low sulphur diesel firing. These economisers can offer four to five percent fuel saving, providing pay back in less than one year in many cases.

When it comes to boiler design, the shells and furnaces should both be generously sized and in order to reduce NOx emissions, the furnace length to diameter ratio should ideally be 3.5 to 1. Likewise, a lower volumetric heat release from the furnace forms less NOx as the flame temperature is cooler.

Whilst Byworth has kept pace with technological advancements through the introduction of Waste Heat, Pre-Heated Combustion Air and Biomass boiler ranges, the mainstay of the Byworth business remains its MX and Yorkshireman ranges. The MX reverse flame boiler is well suited for small and medium sized applications from 125 to 5,000kgs/hour and is compact, reliable and yet affordable. The Yorkshireman range is a conventional three pass wetback design of up to 18,000kgs /hour and is suited to arduous workloads. Both ranges come with energy saving options and are suitable for gas, oil or dual fuel.

Competitive disc thermostats

ATC Semitec’s latest franchise, Asahi Keiki, is offering a range of disc thermostats with Japanese level quality. 

As well as regular auto- and manual-reset thermostats (from 0-200°C), there are low profile versions, one shot fuses, waterproof types and hermetically sealed variants. For high temperature applications, there are auto-reset ceramic types up to 250°C. For heat sinks or p.c.b.s, a TO-220 package thermal switch offers a really neat solution to over temperature conditions.

Capable of switching up to 16A/250V AC and approved to the latest IEC 60 730 standards, Asahi disc thermostats cover a wide range of applications and provide a reliable, cost effective solution in appliance products.

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