An additional 50 VisNet Hub units from EA Technology have been installed for SP Energy Network in Liverpool City Centre for increased low voltage (LV) monitoring ahead of the city hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in May. The installation brings capacity up to 100 units in the city centre and 234 units in the Liverpool region, delivering hyperlocal, real-time network data and visibility to ensure electricity supply is not compromised during this energy-intensive event.

According to data provided by the Office National Statistics (ONS), Liverpool, as of 2021, was the second most densely populated of the North West’s 39 local authority areas with an estimated population of close to 500,000. The Eurovision event is estimated to increase this population by 20% throughout the Eurovision period, resulting in a substantial surge in energy consumption, in addition to the energy the event itself will require. 

The VisNet Hub provides visibility across the LV network for each of the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in which they are installed. Key services include, amongst others:

Real time monitoring

Data capture

Fault and Pre-fault detection

Fault and Pre-fault impedance

Cable condition evaluations

Short/long term overload assessments

A key element of the VisNet Hub, which was crucial for the Eurovision event, is the pre-fault detection. This deployed technology can detect any potential faults on the electricity network before they occur, to prevent potential power drops and outages, and the ability to pre-detect faults also helps to coordinate engineers more effectively across the city. 

The VisNet Hubs monitoring of the Eurovision event in Liverpool is an effective example as to how the product can support a number of key areas of Ofgem’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan such as system operation, network development and consumer engagement, along with supporting less downtime and power outages.

Ofgem’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan was launched in 2017 to encourage the development of smarter, more flexible electricity systems in Great Britain. The plan aims to promote the use of new technologies and business models to improve the efficiency and reliability of the electricity system, while also supporting the transition to a low-carbon energy system, and more recently Ofgem advised of the requirement for each DNO to install monitoring software as the increase for electricity surges due to the popularity of products like EV cars and heat pumps.  

Commenting on the installation, Dave Roberts Managing Director of VisNet at EA Technology said: “We’re thrilled to have been able to support the city of Liverpool with LV monitoring during the Eurovision event. The monitoring will help to prevent power outages while also collecting crucial data that will help experts to understand how energy is distributed throughout the city’s network.

“The importance for increased LV monitoring across the country cannot be overstated, something which is echoed by Ofgem’s recent guidance. As the world slowly switches to more sustainable solutions and systems, and decarbonisation continues to be a priority, the strain on electrical resources is a concern. The best way to evaluate the state of the DNOs and to reduce the number of outages and downtime is to incorporate an effective monitoring solution such as VisNet.”

Liam O’Sullivan, SP Manweb Licence Director for SP Energy Networks said: “The VisNet Hub units provided by EA Technology are an important part of how we’ve been preparing the electricity network in Liverpool for Eurovision coming to town. That ability to pre-empt and intercept any issues before they have an impact on customers is a real game-changer for the industry and one that will benefit the city long after Eurovision has left town.  It’s a great example of how we’re investing in our network and the Merseyside region to ensure our network continues to deliver as we move towards a net zero future.”

 For more information about VisNet, visit: Low Voltage Solution Products | EA Technology