The Community Forest for Greater Manchester has reduced the carbon dioxide emissions from its building by almost 19 tonnes per year, which equates to an annual cost savings of £3,900, following the installation of a number of energy efficiency improvements from ENER-G.

ENER-G installed high frequency T5 fluorescent lights that will reduce electricity consumption by almost 14,000kWh per year and save 7.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, while increasing lighting levels.

ENER-G has also installed its new E-MAGINE building energy management system to control heat from the building’s existing combi-boiler. By dividing the building into three heating zones and installing the small control system, the environment in each zone can now be controlled according to occupancy and temperature – cutting gas consumption by almost half. There is no longer a need to heat parts of the facility that are unoccupied or run the heating 24 hours a day during the coldest months to maintain an acceptable working environment.

The building fabric has also been improved through the replacement of single glazed windows with double glazing which has eliminated draughts and increased security, and Rockwool are increasing the thickness of the thermal insulation in the roof space.

Following the improvements, the building’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) has been raised from a poor F rating to a credible C, with D being the typical rating for buildings of this type.

Tony Hothersall, forest director, Red Rose Forest, said, “The energy saving and efficiency measures which ENER-G has implemented have lowered our carbon footprint, reducing our impact on climate change. They have also enabled us to make great savings on our energy bills. This is a great example of how existing buildings can be retro-fitted to improve their energy efficiency.”

Salford City Council and ENER-G are urging other organisations to follow Red Rose Forest’s lead to see what a ‘green makeover’ could do for their energy bills and environmental performance.

Peter Law, operations director for ENER-G, said, “Energy prices are soaring, while organisations are facing renewed pressure to reduce carbon emissions. Red Rose Forest demonstrates the potential rewards available. ENER-G can provide energy improvements under guaranteed savings contracts so that organisations don’t need to make any upfront investment and can refund the cost of work from their savings.”

He continued, “There has never been a better time for businesses to consider a ‘green makeover’. Increasing energy efficiency is an important way of reducing fuel costs for businesses, making them more competitive and releasing savings for reinvestment.”