Evance Wind Turbines has recently announced the installation of its 1,500th small wind turbine.

The turbine has been installed at the family run smallholding of Wallhouse near Blisland, on the edge of Bodmin Moor, where the renewable energy generated will provide electricity for the owner’s home as well as two holiday cottages.

Alison Bulley owner of the 1,500th Evance turbine, said, “A few years ago the family diversified into letting holiday accommodation to maintain a sustainable business and also to bring tourists into the area, so contributing in several ways to the local economy. In order to sustain Wallhouse in this current economic climate costs needed to be reduced, and with the rising cost of energy we looked at ways of being more energy self sufficient.

“We chose the Evance R9000 turbine as it has a reputation for reliability and performance, also it is small and unobtrusive, so will have very little effect on the surroundings. The turbine should cover a substantial part of our electricity requirement supporting our business and local economy for the future.“

“It’s good to see our turbine helping another small local business, proving small wind makes a sound investment, both financially and environmentally,” commented Kevin Parslow CEO of Evance Wind Turbines. “With rising energy costs our small wind turbine is a great investment for a sustainable future – locking down electricity costs, receiving Feed-in-Tariff and gaining some energy security, for 20 years, has got to be a winning combination.”