STYROFOAM and XENERGY extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation products are now available from a wider stockist network, offering improved UK-wide coverage for builders and contractors.

Distributors now include CCF, Encon, Essex Insulation, Malcolm Insulation, Minster, Panel Systems, the Proctor Group, Radmat, SIG Insulation and Undercover Roofing. Products are also distributed by Corcoran Products, Insulation Distributors and Tennants in Ireland.

Manufacturer Dow Building Solutions has made the list available on its website via a stockist finder, which enables those looking for the XPS products to quickly search for branches by postcode or location.

“Our distributor network is very important to us, and regularly acts as the interface between us as manufacturers and our customers – contractors and building designers,” said Chris Gimson, commercial director for Dow Building Solutions. “It is important that we continue to offer those customers choice and breadth of UK supply, particularly as we’re beginning to see an upturn in the construction industry with rising demand likely to follow.”

Along with a welcome change in the industry’s fortunes, it’s expected that new building regulations will also have an impact on future demand. Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations will require more attention to the thermal performance of building fabric – and with effective insulation one of the easiest ways of improving energy efficiency, contractors will be looking for tried and tested materials, as well as new innovations.

“Dow Building Solutions has decades of history in the construction industry, which began with the launch of our STYROFOAM extruded polystyrene insulation in the 1940s and there have been a number of key innovations since then,” added Chris Gimson. “Our STYROFOAM-A products were the first XPS to be made in the UK with CO2 as the blowing agent, for example. Since then, we’ve also launched FLOORMATE 300-A, specially designed for below-slab insulation to help prevent thermal bridging in residential structures, and XENERGY SL XPS, which is designed to offer highly moisture-resistant flat roof insulation at thinner thicknesses to conventional XPS alternatives.”

Extruded polystyrene has uniformly small, closed cells and a smooth surface ‘skin’, producing a set of properties not commonly found in one package: long term moisture resistance, high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity.

Dow Building Solutions also offers GREAT STUFF polyurethane foam sealant and FROTH-PAK polyurethane foam spray systems through Geocel, and INSTA-STIK polyurethane adhesives through InStar.