DECC has published its ‘Delivering UK Energy Investment’ report setting out the scale of investment to support our changing energy future. The report highlights the essential role networks play in ensuring a reliable, sustainable and crucially affordable energy future, as well as the investment in the UK economy and jobs.

Latest figures in the report show that capital investment in the UK networks into the next decade is expected to reach £38.8bn to provide for the changing demand of customers and the move to a low carbon energy future.

Welcoming the comments from the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey today, chief executive of Energy Networks Association (ENA) David Smith, said: “Keeping the lights on, homes warm and businesses working are the bread and butter of the energy networks, and significant investment is needed over the coming decade to ensure we meet the challenges of a more sustainable but affordable energy future. Recent decades have seen the increase in network investment delivering improved resilience, safety and efficiency while the costs to customers have fallen. Whether national or regional, our UK networks are supporting economic growth, innovation and boosting jobs and skills in the areas they work. As we look ahead to the next decade, the UK networks will experience a scale of change and improvement that hasn’t been seen since the formation of the national grid infrastructure in the 50s.”