Clivet have launched the ELFOEnergy Magnum heat pumps and liquid chillers from 50 to 250 kW are high efficiency packaged units for small and medium-sized applications in the commercial sector.

Designed for outdoor installation, ELFOEnergy Magnum ensures the highest energy efficiency over the entire operating cycle, especially at partial load operation that coincides with the unit’s longer operating time, thanks to the modulating DC inverter compressor, which adapts the capacity supplied to the actual energy demand required by the system.

The efficiency is increased by ELFOEnergy Magnum design features, such as Hydrophilic battery, electronic expansion valve, which optimizes the operation of the cooling circuit with DC inverter compressor.

The VARY–FLOW+ system, consisting of two parallel pumps controlled by an inverter,  provides further savings through the modulation of water flow depending on the building thermal load and pressure drop.

As far as silence is concerned, the AxiTop diffuser aerodynamically decelerates the flow and converts most of its kinetic energy into static pressure, thereby achieving lower noise levels and absorbing less energy.

ELFOEnergy Magnum is available in four versions:

ELFOEnergy Magnum chiller, ELFOEnergy Magnum inverter reversible heat pump, ELFOEnergy Magnum Free-cooling high efficiency packaged unit that enable high-level savings on the management costs of the system in applications which also require chilled water during the cold season, ELFOEnergy Magnum Multifunction high efficiency packaged units that can generate thermal and cooling energy simultaneously and independently.

ELFOEnergy Magnum is ideal for systems with radiant panels or hydronic terminal units.

Hydronic groups, valves and system accessories are integrated into the unit, making the installation very quick and simple.

The compact construction allows to combine multiple units, realizing a high power system in confined spaces.