Rotronic has added to its core expertise as a Swiss-based manufacturer of precision temperature and humidity products with a range of CO2 measurement instruments.

This follows worldwide customer demand for accurate and dependable CO2 sensors.

The Rotronic CO2 product range includes a fully specified handheld, versatile data logger/display instrument and CO2 measurement transmitters with analogue outputs.

These instruments enable air quality to be optimised in many areas
*  Commercial and public buildings of all types including schools and offices
*  Production processes where CO2 is used
*  Storage areas where CO2 cylinders are kept
*  Horticultural plant research climate chambers and glasshouses
*  Underground car parks and tunnels
*  Applications where CO2 levels need to be monitored

In buildings, CO2 together with temperature and humidity measurements integrated into the building management system enables ventilation to be closely controlled improving air quality, increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

  • Robust handheld instrument for CO2, relative humidity and temperature measurement, dew point & wet bulb values also available. Full logging functions with data available for download to a PC running the software. Large LC display.
  • Indoor air quality CO2, relative humidity and temperature data logger with large back-lit display. Maximum, minimum and average measurements clearly displayed. An ideal wall mount air quality indicator. Power adapter included.
  • CO2, CO and temperature measurement transmitters with analogue output signals. NDIR infrared measurement technology. Relays, LC displays and alarms can be specified. Suitable for installation in commercial and public buildings of all types, production processes, horticultural applications where CO2 is used to increase plant growth, and underground car parks & tunnels.

Full technical specifications for the new CO2 products, as well as the entire range of Rotronic humidity and temperature measurement instruments, are available on the website  or contact us on  01293 571000