The newly appointed minister of state for energy, John Hayes, has today been announced as keynote speaker for the Ecoislands Global Summit 2012.

The summit is a new international event, held this year on the Isle of Wight, that will aim to see island and regional communities from around the world unite on a journey to sustainability.

The minister will be joined by David Stubbs, head of sustainability for the London 2012 Games, who will comment on sustainable development, regeneration and community engagement. Stubbs described Ecoislands as, “an exciting opportunity to demonstrate sustainability at a regional scale that I hope will prove to be an inspiration for others to develop similar initiatives.”

They will lead an impressive line-up of industry speakers representing leading technology companies involved with the flagship Ecoislands’ project to make the Isle of Wight renewable energy self sufficient by 2020 and sustainable by 2030.

Technology speakers will focus on plans to develop a virtual power plant (VPP) on the island that will integrate renewable and existing generation assets with demand side resources to create an energy balancing system. The VPP will not only allow islands to meet self sufficiency targets but will guarantee security of supply and enable communities to benefit from optimised energy infrastructure.