UK heating manufacturer Remeha Commercial has introduced Remeha Fusion Hybrid: a bespoke bivalent hybrid heating and hot water system that combines Remeha’s high performance gas absorption heat pumps in conjunction with high efficiency condensing technology with a fully-integrated, scalable building control system to maximise heating efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions. Remeha Fusion Hybrid, which is available with outputs from 100 to 1000 kW, offers versatile, tailored solutions for energy-efficient, low-carbon heating in both new build and existing buildings.

Remeha Fusion Hybrid combines two Remeha energy-saving heating technologies, Remeha Fusion and Remeha Quinta Pro cascade, in a fully-integrated system tailored to meet individual building requirements. The result is a system that offers flexible, reliable heat delivery with exceptional seasonal efficiencies between 120 – 130% NCV along with accurate matching of system heat output demand.

The operation is further optimised by the scalable building management control system that has been specifically configured for the Remeha Fusion Hybrid to ensure optimum operation and maximum efficiencies for greater reductions in energy usage, lower operating costs and reduced carbon emissions. The control system, which has an integrated 7” touchscreen control panel called Remeha Touch, can be easily integrated into existing building management systems if required. Remote monitoring is available as standard provided there is a suitable telephone line, network connection or, failing that, a GSM module can be fitted in areas of coverage.

Mike Hefford, head of renewable technologies at Remeha Commercial commented: “Smart system design is key to achieving maximum efficiencies and reducing the energy performance gap. The Remeha Fusion Hybrid combines the best of renewable and condensing technologies to allow both components to operate at their maximum efficiencies and achieve a high seasonal efficiency between 120 and 130% NCV with carbon reductions of up to 40% when compared to traditional gas boiler equipment. Furthermore, with all components manufactured and supplied by the same company, the end user is assured of the highest quality control.”

With its high seasonal efficiencies and low-carbon and low-NOx emissions, Remeha Fusion Hybrid meets all environmental legislation including the ErP Directive. Remeha Fusion Hybrid is easy to install and suitable for both commercial new build developments and retrofit projects as an environmentally-friendly alternative for space heating that can significantly improve the energy performance of a building.