The new drive from Mitsubishi Electric has been specially designed for use in high end applications where maximum output and performance, increased efficiency and reliability are guaranteed.  At the same time the use of in-house technology advancements will enable the optimisation of plant efficiency and energy balance.  The FR-A800 drives are user-friendly and offer numerous network connections.  The FR-A800 series builds on and will eventually replace the FR-A700 series.  It complies with international regulations and standards and is equipped with the very latest safety functionality.
With the FR-A800 series of drives, Mitsubishi Electric introduces its latest drive technology with an output range extending from 750 watts up to a maximum of 1 megawatt. They are able to drive both standard asynchronous motors and IPM/SPM motor technology, offering intelligent autotune functionality.  A powerful built in PLC based on the Mitsubishi L Series ensures that the drive gives the user wide scope for application specific coding.  This is fully password protected to protect valuable IP.  A built in positioning function further enhances flexibility.
USB host and USB device functions guarantee user-friendly programming and parameterisation as well as data logging capability.  It is also fully integrated into Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ Works programming environment.  The built-in operation panel and optional LCD display allows easy operation.
Real sensorless and full vector control enables maximum speed and torque accuracy, while an overload capability of 250% during the start-up phase will ensure trouble free start-up, even for the most arduous of applications.  Terminal scan times of less than three milliseconds will guarantee the fastest possible response.  At the same time speed rise times of less than 80 milliseconds will help to ensure maximum performance and improved productivity.
Four overload options offer maximum flexibility, while three additional slots expand the range of possible applications.  Functional safety up to PLe/SIL3 guarantees operation in situations ranging from simple emergency stops to complex press actuation. Full backwards compatibility with the FR-A700 series guarantees that components can be replaced easily and safely.
“Like all Mitsubishi Electric inverters, the FR-A800 series comes with numerous protective, safety and overload functions, high-quality temperature-resistant capacitors, continuously lubricated encapsulated cooling fans and double-coated control and circuit boards. Integrated maintenance timers indicate component fatigue. All these features increase the equipment availability by providing predictive and condition-based maintenance functionality”, explains Matt Handley, UK product manager for drive systems.
At the Nagoya Works in Japan, around 5000 employees ensure the quality and reliability of Mitsubishi Electric inverters for the use in a wide range of industries. More than 4000 test and inspection procedures are carried out, enabling the company to secure maximum quality and reliability. More than 18,000,000 Mitsubishi Electric inverters have already been sold worldwide. Introduction of the FR-A800 series is planned for spring 2014.