UK company METMOTEC announced the latest version of its ENDURANCE GSM/GPRS and PSTN modem systems, now enhanced for use with ‘hard to read’ I&C electricity meters and grid meters located in sub-stations. The systems meet the IP66 ingression standard and tolerate a wide temperature range and weather conditions.

The systems can connect to meters 100 metres distant using a CAT5 cable where, for example, meters are located underground or behind security barriers. Optional RS485 modules can ‘daisy-chain’ many meters to one modem over 1km. The GSM/GPRS modems are supplied with an internal antenna, or an optional external weather-proof antenna on 5 metres of low signal loss cable for high-mounting in poor signal areas. The modem systems have RS232 and RS485 interface adapters for key models of I&C meters of a number of leading European manufacturers.