Engineering Consultancy firm, Cavendish Engineers, has partnered with Magnatech to offer fuel conditioning solutions to its commercial and industrial clients.

As part of the new alliance, Cavendish Engineers will act as a distributor for Magnatech’s unique fuel conditioning units, which are designed to significantly cut buildings’ costs and carbon emissions and maximise heating system efficiency. Having already specified and fitted four units at a large government building, the technology will now be made available to the full Cavendish customer portfolio.

Independently verified by the Tritech ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) project, Magnatech’s magnetic technology can reduce fuel consumption on existing heating systems by at least six percent, with typical results indicating savings of around ten percent. The systems work by using powerful neodymium magnets to effectively enhance the combustion process. Simply fitted to the outside of fuel feed lines in a particular pattern, they create a rise in flame temperature which allows the heating system to reach temperature quicker and hence reduces overall fuel consumption.

Ian Gander, managing director at Magnatech, said, “We are delighted to announce our distribution partnership with Cavendish Engineers. Facilities managers today are under increasing pressure to specify carbon cutting solutions that will deliver a real reduction in bottom line costs without impacting on day to day operations or disrupting output.

“It’s great to see that forward thinking companies like Cavendish are making the most of the unique benefits fuel conditioning offers to major energy users – delivering a lifetime of savings, with no pipes to cut or costly production down-time, and no maintenance required. We look forward to seeing the results our technology delivers for Cavendish customers going forward.”

Lizzie Phillips, business development executive at Cavendish Engineers, said, “With the price of gas ever increasing we recognise that any technology that provides savings in this area benefits the client. In the right application and environment we are now able to recommend Magnatech to commercial clients.”