The Energy Institute (EI) has launched a new Approved Training Provider scheme. This initiative extends the EI’s work in accrediting energy educational programmes to raise the professionalism and improve the quality of training provision in the global energy sector.

As a Royal Charter organisation, the EI works in the public’s interest to promote excellence in the global energy sector. As part of this, the EI maintains internationally recognised standards of professional competence and accredits a variety of educational programmes to uphold these standards.

The EI currently offers accreditation for academic courses at under- and post-graduate level and a separate scheme for graduate and professional development programmes. This new scheme now incorporates all other types of training including short courses, workshops and exhibitions. The process acts as an independent mark of quality assurance that the specific training meets the standards set by the profession.

EI accreditation offers credibility and recognition, strengthening the training programme and providing confidence to delegates that the course offers valuable professional development. Applications are reviewed by the EI’s panel of experts meaning that industry also benefits from having peer recognised training.

Organisations submitting programmes for accreditation must be committed to delivering quality training and events, have appropriately qualified staff and adequately equipped facilities. Training and professional development providers will be expected to have clearly defined learning objectives, topical content relevant to the energy sector and contribute towards the personal and professional development of all participants.

Applications are assessed by the EI’s independent Approved Training Provider panel, made up of industry experts representing a variety of sector specialisms.

Accreditation is awarded for a period of up to five years. In addition to the initial application, accredited providers will be required to submit to an annual review. Costs include a one-off application fee, starting from £500+VAT, and an annual EI membership subscription.