It has been predicted that by 2015 LED technology will dominate the lighting market. With this in mind, Infinite LED has opened its new LED showroom in Leatherhead in Surrey.

Huge energy savings can be made by both residential and commercial properties by switching to LED lighting, with energy savings of between 40-90% possible. Due to their very long lifespan and low energy use, LED lights are economically attractive as maintenance and replacement costs are lowered.

The new showroom gives customers the opportunity to see some of the various LED options and colours that are available such as the Infinite LED flat panel which, being just 12mm thick, can be installed in a suspended ceiling, hung or mounted on a wall. The panels produce a homogeneous light using around 60% less energy. Maintenance costs are reduced as tubes no longer need to be replaced.

Sam Tilley, managing director of Infinite LED commented, “The comprehensive energy savings reviews we provide free of charge for each specific project speak for themselves. With the rising price of electricity, LEDs are the way forward for both residential and commercial, there are so many benefits: they can be smaller, brighter and most importantly use less energy and reduce maintenance costs. We look forward to demonstrating to our customers the benefits of LED lighting in our new showroom.”