As part of the Church of England’s commitment to a carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050, with an interim target of 42% by 2020, Westminster Abbey has installed two powerPerfector units.

“Our World Heritage status rules out intrusive measures such as solar panels and wind turbines so we examined numerous energy savings measures, but needed something that would not materially change the building,” explained Jim Vincent, Westminster Abbey’s clerk of works. “The Abbey chose powerPerfector because it was non-obtrusive and promised excellent savings.

“The units were installed in late 2011 and the savings we were guaranteed have been independently assessed and found to have been exceeded. The performance guarantee meant no risk on our part and I would recommend the system to anyone.”

powerPerfector units were installed on the incoming supply for the blowing chamber, which circulates air around the abbey and the floodlighting cabinet. Not only will this mean energy savings for the abbey, it also provides power conditioning benefits in the form of a reduction in harmonic distortion, transients and three phase imbalance.

“Because voltage management technology sits on the incoming supply to a building, it is important that the technology you choose is robust and 100% reliable. Their selection process required our ‘best in class’ solution. Risk is just not an option when you have to ensure that this historically important tourist attraction is more efficient, protected and always open for business,” said powerPerfector CEO, Angus Robertson.