Riello UPS Ltd has launched a new Certified Engineer Programme to combat the growing number of ‘rogue traders’ providing unauthorised maintenance services to customers.

The Riello Certified Engineer initiative is designed to protect customers who require third party servicing and approved spares for their UPS, and does so by enabling them to check if their chosen engineers are fully trained and competent to carry out the work.

To achieve Riello Certified Engineer status, engineers from Riello resellers must successfully complete comprehensive training on the commissioning, maintenance and servicing of Riello UPS products.

On successful completion of the training, engineers are allocated an ID card with a unique identification number which customers can use to verify the individual’s certification status and core competencies.

Leo Craig the general manager at Riello UPS Limited, said: “Several other UPS manufacturers have chosen to tackle the problem of unauthorised maintenance by instigating ‘closed protocol’ systems.

“We chose not to take this approach because we felt that it would stifle competition in the market. Instead, we’ve created a comprehensive network of qualified service partners – all of whom are trained and certified to work on Riello UPS – which we hope will offer our customers the reassurance they need.”

Companies with at least one engineer fully trained in commissioning, battery builds, maintenance and service can also benefit by becoming a Certified Riello Service Partner.

Approved spares will only be supplied to Certified Service Partners, and they will not be made available to individual Certified Engineers to prevent certified engineers carrying out unauthorised work for other companies.

Iain Mackay, managing director at Adept Power Solutions, a Certified Riello Service Partner, said: “Riello UPS’ plan to address the issue of unqualified service providers through certification rather than maintenance restrictions is good news for us and our customers who have invested in Riello UPS equipment.

“For our customers, the certified status gives extra peace of mind and helps to protect their investment, while for our business it creates an opportunity for us to increase the value we offer to our Riello UPS client base.”