Stand H41

Visitors to the Sabien stand will be able to learn more about increasing the energy efficiency of their heating plant, even when they have controls such as BMS, weather compensation and boiler sequencing in place. Sabien staff will explain the importance of dynamic boiler load control in controlling boiler dry cycling, and how energy savings can be verified with confidence.

The stand will feature a live demonstration of the company’s M2G dynamic boiler load controller, working in harmony with a BMS. M2G differentiates between boiler dry cycling a genuine call for heat to deliver energy savings of between 10% and 25% with a typical payback of under two years.

Savings are achieved without changing the boiler’s designed set point and without conflicting with existing controls.

Organisations that have tested and installed M2G include Lincolnshire County Council, BT, MoD, Norland Managed Services, Lloyds Banking Group, BNP Paribas Real Estate, Vodafone, Defra, and the Environment Agency.


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