What is a CHP system? What are the real benefits of using CHP systems? Are they suitable for all buildings? Where do they prove most efficient?

shentongroup will be answering these and other questions on power solutions and CHP at this years Sustainability Live event, showcasing our Gas Combined Heat and Power System – Power Therm.

CHP systems can drastically lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint; they also have the capability to run fully independent from the electricity grid.

CHP can also provide a power solution that requires the ability to maintain UPS to critical electrical loads during power outages, and remain synchronised with the mains utility and/or standby generator.

Power Therm is shentongroup‘s complete combined heat and power station offering.

Power Therm captures all the waste heat from its engine, and turns it into useful hot water, making it over 85% efficient. The reduction in C02 is significant and so could be savings in money and efficiency.

Stand G61 will be manned with our team of experts who will be there to answer all your questions and provide you with the right guidance for all your project needs.

If you are unable to make the show, you can request a CPD www.shentongroup.co.uk/request-cpd/