Smart grid and metering technology company, Sentec, has won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for the third year in a row.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation, which recognises continual innovation and commercialisation, was awarded to Sentec for its Mobius current sensor technology. The electricity sensor technology has been used in smart meter products for a decade, with more than ten million meters now in the field that incorporate Mobius technology including Sensus’ iCon A smart electricity meters in the US and OnStream meters in the UK.

Mark England, Sentec CEO, commented, “Receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for the third year in a row is truly an endorsement of Sentec’s success in innovating and commercialising our core technologies and I congratulate the whole team for their efforts.

“The Innovation award is appropriate recognition for Mobius sensors, at the core of over ten million meters with 250 billion service hours across the US and supporting new products for the UK’s smart meter roll-out. This award recognises the increasing commercial and environmental importance of managing our energy networks more efficiently.”

Sentec received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation for its Sterling water flow sensor technology in 2011 and for International Trade in 2010.