Hioki are continually producing new test and measurement products and here we introduce three of their latest designs all available ex-stock from the Test Tools Shop.

For the Power Facility/Energy Manager we have the Hioki PW3360-20 Power & Energy Logger, it’s the first true power and energy logger from Hioki that enables the user to produce simple load profiles. You can now look at your energy consumption over a specific time frame days/weeks/months and compare the load profiles to show the energy saving that has been achieved. Load profiles for different electrical phases can be monitored to check that the load across each circuit of your electrical supply is well balanced, reducing the risk of overload and thus loss of production, services or serious electrical damage to your facility. Product Link


The Hioki RM3548 Resistance Meter is a compact portable high precision resistance tester that uses the 4 wire test method with either kelvin clips or kelvin probes to offer the highest standards in portable resistance testing.

To achieve greater accuracy and stability in the lower resistance ranges a test current of 1A is utilized. There are 10 measurement ranges with a measurement resolution down to 0.0001mO and a basic accuracy of ±0.02%. The portable Hioki RM3548 Resistance Meter is most suitable for the measurement of low resistance electrical joints/contacts on high power bus-bar and switchgear terminations and for the measurement of transformer and motor windings. This meter also features auto-hold and auto-memory functions to allow automatically storage of up to 1000 values for later analysis. It also offers a cable length conversion function which is useful when managing cable inventory or estimating PCB pattern lengths. Product Link


The Hioki DT4282 TRMS Multimeter is just one of a new range of multimeters recently intoroduced by Hioki. This TRMS Multimeter offers a very high basic accuracy of 0.025% with a wide measurement bandwidth up to 100kHz. An internal data logger allows for up to 400 measurement data points to be saved. With the additional communication package this data can then be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet where it can be formatted to cover the user’s requirements. When measuring AC voltages the dual display allows for both voltage and frequency measurements to be displayed.

Complete with ‘Automatic Blocking System’ this safety system prevents incorrect connection of the test leads to the multimeter once the measurement function has been selected or incorrect function selection when the leads are already connected to the multimeter. This system prevents unnecessary blown fuses, significantly reduces the potential danger to the user, instrument and system under test. . Product Link


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