Energy management firm Utilitywise has launched a new reporting platform that gives energy users unprecedented insight and clarity into the way their organisation is using energy and water.

Utility Insight converts the data feeds from utility meters, sub-meters, Utilitywise’s OBox and Edd:e systems into easy-to-understand information that can be viewed on any computer with web access.

The company says the platform is a response to customer demands for specific, real-time information about energy usage across their organisation.

The service is operated in tandem with a Utilitywise energy consultant who will advise on how best to act on the data, including energy-saving tips.

Energy services director Tim Hipperson said: “Utility Insight delivers information about energy use to the right people within any organisation with unrivalled clarity, enabling them to reduce costs and keep the workforce informed.

We deal with thousands of businesses and we know that everyone’s requirements are different. Not just from business-to-business, but within any given organisation.

“A financial director won’t want the same information as a facilities manager, so Utility Insight will automatically deliver tailored, bespoke reports, with the correct information, to those who want it. We can then show how to address the issues and make improvements.

“The permutations are infinite and meet the needs of modern, energy-conscious businesses perfectly. Whether a business wants to compare last week’s water use across sites or check small power use across the whole group but only on the third floor, we can offer that data quickly, and most importantly, in an easy-to-understand format.

“It is the most robust, comprehensive and user-friendly energy reporting platform on the market.”

Case study – Ibstock Brick

Ibstock Brick, the UK’s biggest brick maker, have a number of Utilitywise monitoring products at their Birtley, Centre of Excellence which is used as a test bed for energy saving measure and projects. 

The site is using Edd:e to measure circuit-level power on distribution boards and five OBoxes which are used to measure water, gas and power from sub-meters. All the measurements are then fed into Utility Insight, the web-based reporting platform.

The set-up allows Ibstock to compare the utility use across the site and for each key area of the factory. Which means Ibstock can compare the utility use of each production run.

Ibstock have made some immediate reductions using Utility Insight after spotting several instances of anomalous water and gas use: this has led to efficiency improvements and cost reductions in the first few months.

Utility Insight