Belden offer a number of products and solutions for both onshore and offshore wind power applications which are deployed in around 80% of European made wind turbines.

At the Hanover Fair (23rd – 27th April), Belden will highlight its solutions for the fast, easy and safe installation and operation of wind farms in challenging environments. These include the Belden, Hirschmann, and Lumberg Automation brands, for effective cabling, networking and connectivity.

New products to be featured at the Hanover Fair include the Hirschmann BAT-C, an industry grade IP65 WLAN client. This basic and inexpensive client can be deployed in any WLAN installation where there is no need for high end clients.

Supporting the new IEEE 802.11n transmission standard, the BAT-C has a data rate of up to 150Mbps. Fast roaming ensures an uninterrupted connection while switching from one radio cell to another.

Belden will also introduce the Hirschmann OCTOPUS 24M-8PoE which has the ability to deliver PoE through eight connections so that more applications can be powered at once.

The main emphasis will be on complete solutions for onshore and offshore wind parks, using Belden industrial Ethernet and fibre wire and cable systems, the full range of Hirschmann switches, as well as Multiport Firewall, Lumberg Automation connectors and actuators, and the Belden/Hirschmann modular industrial patch panel (MIPP).