Logica has recently launched a new competition to search for innovative projects that are delivering a more sustainable future for local communities.

www.sustainability-stories.com has been created as an interactive platform to host the competition, and features sustainable projects from around the world. Entrants will be able to showcase their work, connect with like minded individuals and interact with Logica experts.

Projects will be judged on their level of creativity and innovation by a panel of sustainability experts including Dr Ervin Laszlo, founder and president of the Club of Budapest, professor Mark Maslin, climatologist at University College London and Tom Raftery, principal analyst for GreenMonk.

The competition is open to people in the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany and Sweden. One winner will receive €20,000 worth of consultancy from Logica’s team of sustainability experts, to help strategise and implement their project.

Tony Rooke, sustainability practice leader at Logica, said, “The competition and the wider sustainable stories platform will provide a forum for like minded people to share ideas around sustainability. We hope that, by educating people about the innovative projects already under way, we can encourage people the world over to do more to help their local communities be more sustainable.”