Caroline Pitt, director of Carbon Services at energy and carbon management firm, Utilyx, has responded to the government’s recent consultation on the CRC by issuing a word of caution.

She said, “We welcome the aim of the consultation which is to simplify the CRC and agree that many of the ideas suggested would make a real difference to the costs of compliance.

“For instance, being able to use actual billing data, even if it does not match the CRC compliance year exactly, could save considerable time and reduce room for confusion.

“However, this particular piece of legislation is one that has already been extensively consulted on and has changed significantly since its initial concept. Participants have invested considerable time in understanding the rules as they now stand and adding a further layer of consultation at this stage will inevitably create additional work, however good its intention.

“It’s vital that the scheme’s rules are workable for businesses if they are to be effective in the long term. Simplification is certainly a step in the right direction but it’s important that the next steps for the CRC are agreed on quickly and decisively.”