Wayne Calland, 42, has joined e-fficient Energy Systems as their Business Development Manager for the North. With 8 years experience in the Energy Services Sector working with EDF Energy and latterly Inenco Energy and Carbon Reduction Commitment Consultant teams, Wayne brings a wealth of experience specialising in ways to help you reduce your energy usage and Carbon Footprint – including Voltage Optimisation plus Regulation, eM&T, Smart Metering and Building Controls.

If you are considering Voltage Optimisation as a way to reduce your electricity usage and live in the North of the UK – call Wayne on 01909 569016 and he’ll guide you through e-fficient Energy’s Carbon Trust approved methodology. Similarly if you are interested in exploring the latest affordable “intelligent” eM&T systems designed to help you measure, monitor and manage your Energy’s usage, ask Wayne about e-fficient Energy’s latest eM&T range.