Domestic appliances manufacturer Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA) has reduced CO2 emissions by 9,225 tonnes since 2005 by using Vickers energy efficiency technology – with further substantial savings in the pipeline.

Glen Dimplex recently upgraded its energy management system by installing Vickers’ new V42 product in a reconfigured layout at the GDHA production site in Prescot.

These latest developments underline the highly flexible nature of Vickers energy management controls, which can be retrofitted to numerous heating systems. The modifications completed at the GDHA site are expected to cut energy use by a further 12%, saving an additional 554 tonnes of CO2 per year. 

GDHA has invested some £68,000 in the initial installation and recent upgrade. However, the group expects to have saved more than 50,000,000 kWh or £1,250,000 in energy bills since the original installation in 2005.

GDHA is the parent company of leading cooking brands Stoves, Belling and  New World and refrigeration brand, Lec.  Based at its 26-acre Liverpool site, GDHA turns over £120m annually, and employs over 1,000 staff, including 150 engineers.

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances facilities engineer Andy Black said: “Our relationship with Vickers goes back to 2005 – which illustrates their long term approach to customer care. You don’t continue to go back to a supplier over that sort of period unless you are 100% happy with their service levels.

“As a result of bringing our whole heating system in Liverpool under the control of Vickers systems, we are benefiting from greater energy operational efficiency, which translates into bottom line business benefits as well as carbon savings.”

Andy added: “We believe British is best. That’s why, wherever possible, we always manufacture right here in the UK, with 85% of our products made in-house. Manufacturing in Britain is really important to us – by keeping production on home soil we are doing our bit by creating lots of local jobs and what’s more, we are ensuring that each product is perfectly suited to the UK market.”

The Vickers technology allows Glen Dimplex improved monitoring and control of its gas heating systems through the introduction of high-tech control panels which provide greater reliability and reduce waste. 

Ian Byatt, operations manager at Vickers Electronics, added: “We are very proud of its long partnership with Glen Dimplex and the energy savings delivered. It is always gratifying to work with like-minded people who have a commitment to energy reduction for the benefit of the environment, and we are pleased that this can go hand in hand with commercial benefits too – which helps both our customers, and our customers’ customers.”