With the cost of electricity steadily on the rise, UK farm equipment manufacturer, Knight Farm Machinery, decided to invest in a 362-panel solar PV array from Navitron to cut energy costs and save money on utility bills.

Based in Oakham, Rutland, Knight Farm Machinery manufactures specialist farming equipment, including agricultural crop sprayers and cultivators designed specifically for intensive farming – a process that uses up to 28,000kWh per month to power the entire plant.

We use a huge amount of electricity in our factory,” said Clare Slane, Commercial Manager for Knight Farm Machinery. “And with energy rates constantly rising, we decided it was finally time to invest in a more financially and environmentally sustainable way of powering our business.

“Once the decision to move forward was made, we contacted Navitron, who we knew from their reputation as a trustworthy expert and supplier of renewable technologies. The process was simple; they came for an initial site visit and specified an entire installation designed especially for us.

“Since the installation, we’ve seen a definite decrease in electricity bills,” continued Clare. “Over the first three months, we saw a 36 percent reduction in daytime energy use which saved us over £3,000 – plus we’re receiving payment from the Feed-In Tariff.

“Navitron was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from specifying to installation. Not only did they provide several options and recommendations, but there was always someone there to answer any questions. Plus their team saved us hours by providing support when registering with the Feed-In Tariff and Ofgem.

Ivan Lucas, Technical Director of Navitron, said: “We were able to specify Knight Farm Machinery a cost-effective energy saving solution, which will pay for itself in just five years and save them an additional £88,000 over the following five years.

“By working in close partnership with Knight Farm Machinery, we‘ve ensured that they can save thousands of pounds every year, while also becoming a ‘greener’ company in the process – a feat we’re very proud of.”