Andrew Lee, general manager at Sharp Solar, has welcomed the recent government announcement of further cuts to Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs).

He said, “We welcome the government’s decision to work towards creating a more stable Feed-in-Tariff for the solar industry. The 16p rate, which will take effect on 1st August, still offers opportunities for both investors and homeowners to take advantage of a cost effective form of renewable energy while bringing much needed certainty and stability to the market. This is a chance for the industry as a whole to turn a corner and work towards driving growth in the UK.

“We will maintain a dialogue with the government to continue moving solar forward and instil confidence in the sector. The UK solar market has been through a turbulent 18 months but, through innovating and adapting, the industry is well placed to grow. For example, Sharp is working closely with partners and installers to make sure that homeowners and businesses have easy and affordable access to Solar technology.

“We recently announced an agreement with Hitachi Capital to offer a range of financing options for private investors and business customers looking to install Sharp solar kits, which will be offered by Sharp certified installers. In a bid to drive further growth in the solar industry, Sharp launched solar PV kits last month, which allow solar panels to be sold and distributed as complete systems.

“It is important to realise that the solar industry can still play a pivotal role and be part of the low carbon economy in the UK, and we are pleased that the government recognises this and is working to create a better, more effective tariff system.”