Hughes Pumps condenser washing rigs have been successfully installed at a number of Energy from Waste (EfW) plants to help improve the efficiency of steam turbines and increase the amount of green electricity produced from municipal waste.

The combustion process involves the burning of waste that cannot be recycled to produce high-pressure steam. After leaving the steam turbine, the steam is condensed back to water in a vacuum steam condenser that consists of a series of 10m long radiators. Over time these radiators become blocked with airborne dust and debris, loosing their condensing effect and reducing the power output from the steam turbine.

Cleaning using hand held washing rigs is difficult because of the location of the radiators, meaning that areas could be missed and damage caused to the radiator fins. The Hughes Pumps washing rigs allow semi automatic radiator cleaning, which can be regulated to provide the optimum cleaning effect to increase the efficiency of the vacuum steam condenser radiators.

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