Tinytags from Gemini Data Loggers provide cost-effective environmental monitoring which can help improve energy efficiency. Tinytags accurately monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, single and three phase power usage, and CO2 locally or throughout an entire building. Analysis of results will help identify areas where improvements can be made to reduce energy consumption and maximise cost savings.

Typically, Tinytags are used to record environmental conditions to help comply with H&S regulations; to monitor the effects of different types of building materials, e.g. loft or wall insulation; to help validate heating, air-conditioning or climate control systems; to help calculate building temperature losses, and to monitor energy usage.

The Tinytag Range

The Tinytag range includes battery powered stand-alone loggers, which record data that is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable. Units are available in a choice of enclosures and with different features to suit particular locations and applications. They range from compact, basic loggers designed to record temperature or humidity within buildings, to robust, waterproof devices that can be used for outdoor environmental monitoring and in harsh or industrial applications. In larger sites where manually collecting data from multiple logging points may be impractical, the Tinytag Radio System is an easy to use solution: data is automatically fed back to a central receiver connected to a PC. Users can then access that data from any computer on the network or the internet, and save or export data for further analysis.

Tinytag Energy Logger

One of the latest additions to the Tinytag range is the Energy Logger: this portable, self-configuring data logger can be used for spot-checks around an installation or for longer term recording of power usage to identify when equipment is being used, times of peak load, how much energy is being used and the overall assessment of energy efficiency. Like all Tinytags, the Energy Logger is configured with easy to use Tinytag Explorer software for clear viewing and management of data.


Tinytag data loggers have been successfully used in many commercial and residential building energy efficiency projects. For example, engineering consultants Green Energy Partners, working in conjunction with Edinburgh-based housing association Castle Rock Edinvar, have used Tinytags in a project to assess energy usage and comfort before and after an energy-related retrofit scheme. Tinytag Ultra 2 loggers gathered data to identify comfort levels (temperatures) in eight properties, and to estimate spending on electric heating. Results will be used for comparison against a planned new heating system, to identify how tenants control the new system, and to compare comfort levels and energy costs. (Read full article.)

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