A ground-breaking voltage optimiser that bridges the gulf between domestic and commercial/industrial installations will be unveiled by Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management at forthcoming Energy Solutions 2012 (October 10-11, London’s Olympia). 

The new Voltis 100Amp single phase voltage optimisation system is designed to be a more cost-effective solution for small to medium sized buildings, for example retail units, hotels, pubs, restaurants, offices, care/medical facilities and even larger residential properties. It is suitable for any location utilising a single phase supply and load of up to 100Amps.

“Voltis 100Amp fills a huge gap in the market between our higher capacity, market-leading Voltis commercial/industrial system and our hugely successful Voltis Home domestic system,” said Jeremy Dodge, MTEM Head of Marketing & Technical Services. “It therefore opens up the benefits of voltage optimisation to a whole new raft of potential users, offering an off-the-shelf solution that achieves substantial power and carbon savings, is straight-forward to install and incredibly cost-effective. The system will be available from our network of electrical wholesalers throughout the UK.”

Voltis 100Amp is a development of MTEM’s hugely successful Voltis system, a bespoke solution for larger commercial and industrial installations. As with Voltis and Voltis Home it incorporates an automatic bypass function and intelligent control to maximise savings opportunities. 

Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management, which designs its market-leading energy management solutions at its base in East Sussex, will also be exhibiting a range of products and systems designed to work together to provide a single platform approach to monitoring, measuring and implementing energy reduction policies.

Live demonstrations of MTEM’s new Control Centre Software will feature at the exhibition, explaining how the manufacturer’s monitoring and measurement (Sinergy) and energy management (Voltis) systems can report into a single platform, the MTEM Control Centre. Control Centre software amalgamates live operational reports from Sinergy and Voltis, giving a detailed overview of energy used and power/carbon savings achieved. The Control Centre can also be linked to existing meters and devices with a MODBUS interface, enabling users to have a full picture of their energy profile through one dashboard.

Ipsis, powered by SenseLogix, energy management system will also be on display. Ipsis is an integrated appliance and PC management solution fitted within cable management products. It can control and turn off equipment to save overnight and weekend waste. Ideal for retrofit and refurbishment projects, it eliminates the need for costly rework and major disruption. Savings of up to 70%* are possible.

Product Information

The Sinergy brand incorporates a range of fixed and portable monitoring/measuring solutions, including the recently launched Pulse Plus Meter that delivers accurate power measurement and recording with the added advantage that data is reported wirelessly over the GSM network, perfect for monitoring geographically dispersed locations.

For commercial/manufacturing organisations actively reducing energy use MTEM’s Voltis hi-tech logic controlled voltage optimisation system can offer significant carbon and power bill and savings. The bespoke solution constantly monitors incoming voltage and power demand, adjusting to maximise savings. It incorporates an automatic bypass to safeguard power supply to site should a problem occur with mains supply. Voltis reduces maximum demand levels, refines power quality, suppress transients and improves power factor correction. Payback is typically two to three years with financing schemes available. 

With the launch of Voltis Home, domestic customers can now take advantage of the ground-breaking Voltis technology miniaturised into a user-friendly system that can be installed in approximately one hour and give householders average power savings of between 9% and 13%.

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