UK based METMOTEC has launched its latest version of the ENDURANCE GSM/GPRS Modem System enhanced for use with ‘hard-to-read’ I&C electricity meters and outdoor systems. Key features are:

•          Multiband modem, AC/DC adapter and antenna with -20/70C temperature range

•          Connection to systems up to 100 metres distant using CAT5 cable

•          High elevation antenna (with 5 metres of low loss cable) enables network connection for meters below ground level. IP67 and weather proof. Suitable for areas with weak network signals

•          Typical applications include meters in cellars or behind security barriers

•          IP66 housing suitable for outdoors

•          RS485 sub-system to connect many meters to one modem over 1km

•          Support equipment for quick installation are a programming cable for PC connection and an advanced signal tester/network analyser for GSM/GPRS networks