Trinity Church, in Ossett in West Yorkshire, has installed the C-Bus lighting control system from Schneider Electric following a review of its lighting capabilities.

The Church was looking for an intelligent system which would enable a comprehensive approach to lighting control and achieve significant energy savings, without detracting from the intrinsically traditional feel of the building.

Another key consideration was flexibility. It was crucial that the system could be adapted for every foreseeable type of event including weddings, funerals, music groups and worship. For example, while a wedding service may benefit from scene setting and LED colour change control to create an impactful ambience, a more low key occasion would be likely to require low dimmed lighting.

After much consultation, Dearne Electrical, the awarded contractors for the job, recommended the use of the Schneider Electric C-Bus system.

Chris Dunger (LCGI), technical director at Dearne Electrical, commented, “Having successfully designed and installed numerous C-Bus systems before, we had no hesitation in recommending it for the project, knowing it would not only meet the complex design criteria but also remain within budget.”

C-Bus lighting control solutions combine controls, sensors and unique flexible user interfaces to provide automated control of lighting based on occupancy and ambient light levels.

Placing the user in complete control, the C Bus system is being used to manipulate all lighting levels within the church, including scene setting and LED colour changing. In particular it has enabled the client to alter the colour and intensity of the lighting of central walkways and stained glass windows as a stunning effect.

For ultimate convenience, the system is operated from an i-Pad that communicates with a wireless wiser unit, allowing lighting and audio visual systems to be controlled using one device.

There is also the added benefit of energy savings. Through the installation of low energy fluorescent lamps and the ability for greater control over lighting output, the system has reduced energy use by approximately 40%.

Looking forward, free Firmware updates ensure the system is always working efficiently by taking advantage of the latest product launches and developments.

Commenting on the installation, Paul Maybury, vicar at Trinity Church said, “It was very important for us to use a lighting and control system which would enhance both the beauty and the sense of awe and wonder of the building.

“The C-Bus system has allowed us to achieve this perfectly, ensuring all operations are performed in a very discreet way, while creating simply breath taking effects which literally have to be seen to be believed.

“We are quite simply thrilled with the results which have surpassed all expectations and the feedback from visitors has been fantastic.”

Due to the impressive results achieved inside the building, the client is now considering lighting the exterior of the church.