High Technology Lighting, supplier of energy-efficient lighting solutions for retail and commercial spaces, has launched a range of ‘tuneable white’ energy saving fittings specifically designed to replicate gas mantles in the refurbishment of Heritage buildings such as Victorian theatres.

The new ‘Heritage’ range allows property owners and site managers to replicate the effect of coal gas burning mantles using LED lights, allowing them to save on energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. In some applications, existing lanterns will be able to be adapted, also retaining the character of a building. New lanterns can also be supplied to replicate those used in the Victorian and other periods.

The new fittings can be tailored to any shape or size and to suit any lantern type.  With DMX and DALI technology as an integral part of the design, lamps can also be controlled to provide users with the ability to change the lux level to enhance the mood and ambience of a venue.

The Heritage range delivers all of the energy saving benefits associated with LED lighting, including a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours on all fittings, making the range virtually maintenance free for the user. Heritage products also come with the added environmental benefit of not emitting UV and containing zero mercury.

Thomas Holgeth, joint managing director at High Technology Lighting, commented, “Our Heritage range is perfect for replacing gas mantles. Properties such as Victorian theatres can retain, or reinstate, the ‘look and feel’ of a bygone era, whilst benefitting from modern lighting technology and save energy at the same time.”

The range has already been installed at Newcastle Theatre Royal and Leeds City Varieties Theatre.